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Welcome to our website for our pedigree Chocolate Working Cocker Spaniel stud dog. We are situated in North Yorkshire close to Northallerton, Darlington & Richmond. Oscar is a working Cocker Spaniel stud dog, regularly working local shoots with an excellent pedigree.

Docking Cocker Spaniels & The law

As we are specific to the Cocker Spaniel breed the information we have provided below from the UK The Animal Welfare Acts is limited to how it effects the docking of Cocker Spaniels. There are two links at the foot of the page to the required documents to be presented to a veterinary surgeon before docking can take place.

In short it is still legal to have Cocker Spaniels surgically docked by a licensed vet in England and Wales when certain requirements are met.

The vet must receive satisfactory evidence that at least one pup from the litter is likely to be worked. It is accepted that not an entire litter of docked puppies will be suitable for work. In the case of the Cocker under the Act 'work' means in assistance of the lawful shooting of animals.

The owner of the dam must make a signed statement that, the dam of the puppies to be docked is a Cocker Spaniel, the date on which the puppies were born and that it is intended that they will be used, or sold, for working purposes.

Pups must be docked under 5 days old. And chipped either at the time of docking or at a time when the vet considers them old enough.

The vet must sign a declaration that the requirements of the regulations have been satisfied i.e. that he has been given the necessary declaration by the owner and has seen the evidence required.

The vet must have a completed statement, signed and dated by the owner of the dog, made in the form set out in the regulations.

The vet must see the dam of the pup/s to be docked and a further piece of evidence such as:
a current shotgun or firearm certificate issued to the owner of the dog, or to the agent or employee of the owner most likely to be using the dog for work in connection with the lawful shooting of animals OR
a letter from a gamekeeper, a person with shooting rights or a shoot organiser stating that the breeder of the dog whose tail is to be docked is known to him and that dogs bred by that breeder have been used (as the case may be) on his land, or in his shoot, or for pest control.

Docking in Scotland was banned entirely from the 30th April 2007

Docked Cocker Spaniels can not be shown at a venue where the public pay an entry fee. However docked Cocker Spaniels can be shown when purpose of showing is to display their working ability.

Depending on your location it has become increasingly difficult to find a vet that will carry out the docking procedure due to fear of prosecution even when operating inside the boundaries of the new law. With a maximum fine of 20,000 or imprisonment of a maximum of 51 weeks or both, you can understand why when it's the vet's responsibility to judge the evidence provided is satisfactory.

The first link below is a copy of the Animal Welfare Act for the docking of working dogs tails. The second link below is a copy of the form that is required to take to the vet for the docking procedure in PDF format. This will need to be accompanied with the a firearm certificate belonging to the breeder or a declaration letter from a shoot organiser, gamekeeper etc. a copy of which can be filled out from the last link in Microsoft Word format.

Copy of the Animal Welfare Act for the docking of Working Cocker Spaniels

Certificate for working dog owner and vet to complete for each puppy to be docked.

Example of declaration to be filled out by gamekeeper, shoot organiser etc.

One final note if you are reasonably local to us we know a very experienced vet who will dock a litter providing the criteria has been met.

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