Cocker Spaniel Stud Dogs

Welcome to our website for our pedigree Chocolate Working Cocker Spaniel stud dog. We are situated in North Yorkshire close to Northallerton, Darlington & Richmond. Oscar is a working Cocker Spaniel stud dog, regularly working local shoots with an excellent pedigree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully here we can answer most questions that you may have regarding our studding service. If not feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.

What do we need to look for to check our bitch's compatibility with a stud dog's pedigree and what is the difference between in-breeding and line-breeding?

You need to look for instances of the same dogs present in both pedigrees for the 1st and 2nd generations. Putting together two dogs with common ancestors in the first and second generations is known as in-breeding and although practised by some experienced breeders it's best avoided. Common instances in the 3rd generation and further is known as line-breeding which is acceptable and often desired in maintaining top bloodline pedigrees.

How soon do we need to notify you to secure your stud dog for our bitch?

Its always a good idea to research your choices of stud dog long before your bitch comes into season so its likely we'll have spoken already when the time comes and be aware of your interest. As long as you let us know as soon as the season begins we will be able keep Oscar free providing he has no 'prior engagements'.

What happens if we bring our bitch along and she wont stand and the mating doesn't take place?

If this happens then all you need to do is bring her back the following day and we can try again. We are also quite happy to keep your bitch a few days if you're comfortable with leaving her. Whether this will be right for you is dependent on the nature of your dog. We have looked after bitches before who were very happy for the time they were with us. However some dogs may not settle under these circumstances.

Do you mate only once or do you think its best to mate on two separate occasions?

If practical you can bring her along on the day you feel she is ready to mate and then again 3 days later for a second mating. The choice is entirely down to your own preference and circumstances.

What happens if the mating is successful but our bitch doesn't conceive do you provide a refund of the studding fee?

Oscar is a proven stud dog and has always produced however should your bitch fail to produce after her first mating we will provide a free mating the next time your bitch is in season if you would like to try again.

Can you give us any idea what colour pups Oscar will produce?

Breeding Cocker Spaniels can produce a variety of colours regardless of the parents' colour. Oscar has produced both solid chocolate and black.

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