Cocker Spaniel Stud Dogs

Welcome to our website for our pedigree Chocolate Working Cocker Spaniel stud dog. We are situated in North Yorkshire close to Northallerton, Darlington & Richmond. Oscar is a working Cocker Spaniel stud dog, regularly working local shoots with an excellent pedigree.

Our Stud Dog Health, Temperament & Physique

Oscar is KC registered, has a perfect record of health and is clear of any genetically inherited conditions. He has been DNA tested clear for both PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and FN (Familial Nephropathy) by Laboclin UK which means he will never pass down the mutated genes which cause these diseases. Certificates for these tests can be provided on request. He is also free of any eyelid or eyelash abnormalities. He is clear of the canine venereal disease Brucellosis and there are no known cases of Hip Dysplaisa in his pedigree and has a straight and firm stance with strong muscular legs, shoulders and neck.

His temperament is classic Cocker Spaniel - Gentle and affectionate, yet full of life and exuberance. He has a tendency to be extremely playful with other dogs yet in the field with others is focused entirely on work. He shows no fear of heavy cover when working despite often returning with scratches and abrasions and has the stamina to flush and retrieve for a full day without loss of energy or enthusiasm.

Oso Animado - Chocolate Cocker Spaniel

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