Cocker Spaniel Stud Dogs

Welcome to our website for our pedigree Chocolate Working Cocker Spaniel stud dog. We are situated in North Yorkshire close to Northallerton, Darlington & Richmond. Oscar is a working Cocker Spaniel stud dog, regularly working local shoots with an excellent pedigree.

Our Stud Dog Pedigree Line

Oscar has an excellent pedigree with over 48 field trial champions/winners across 6 generations. From a gundog perspective Oscar has an excellent working pedigree with Welsh strain in the line and several entries by Field Trial Champion Gwibernant Snake.

Oscars working background shows up time and time again whilst out shooting or beating, never hesitating to venture into any type of cover and retrieving occasionally from water. We've worked all our Cockers, Oscar's mother Bella and our older dog Tyler (who is now retired) and all have taken to the job in hand with ease and little training.

Our line is also excellent for household pets with Cocker Spaniels enjoying an excellent reputation for families with young children - our dogs being no exception. Oscar has a gentle and affectionate nature with people and other dogs making him an excellent breeding choice. Oscar is mid sized for the breed and is clear of any breed associated inherited conditions such as Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Familial Nethropathy AKA shrunken Kidney.

Detailed Pedigree

We have a detailed pedigree certificate showing the family tree from 6 generations on Oscar's mothers side and 5 generations on his father's side. The pedigree is too large to display on our standard web pages so we have placed it in a separate page for ease of viewing. The link below will open a new window, if you have a pop up blocker running on your browser - hold down the CRTL key on your keyboard before clicking the link.

Oscar's Pedigree Certificate

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